Below is a brief description of each domain area. Further information can be found in the individual areas for each section.


The Economy domain is about the technological readiness and capability of Sheffield’s local economy, as well as high-tech production, advanced manufacturing, the digital industries and initiatives designed to promote economic activity.


The Governance domain is about the use of smart thinking, technology and data in the performance of governing the city. This includes using digital to help transform public service delivery and enable new models for democratic engagement.


The Infrastructure domain is concerned with providing the ‘pipes’ to enable Sheffield to function, including digital connectivity. It is also concerned with the built environment and how it is designed, planned, built, monitored, maintained and managed.


The Living domain is about how citizens engage with Sheffield and how the city enhances and enables their lifestyles, health and wellbeing.


The Mobility domain is all about how people and goods move through the city. This is about how Sheffield can use digital to enable the City’s transport and travel systems are well integrated and accessible.


The People domain is focused on the most important priority for our digital initiatives – the citizens of Sheffield. There must be a clear link between a project and the human benefit it provides. Equally, it is of paramount importance that the city’s population has the capacity to take advantage of new ideas and technology.


The Resources domain covers the city’s consumption of natural resources, as well as initiatives designed to progress Sheffield along the path to a more sustainable future.