Messages of Support from our Ambassadors

Chris Dymond, Sheffield Digital, Co-Founder

“Sheffield is starting to be seen as a place where digital technology is really valued and where people can make a career of things, but having a 5G test bed, being the place in the country where urban applications are trailed, would make a massive difference.”

Chris Read, Leader of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

“Sheffield and Rotherham have a long history of technological success, manufacturing success and economic success. We’re at the fore front of the first industrial revolution and that’s why I’m supporting the 5G bid.” 

Mark Gannon, Director of Business Change and Information Solutions, Sheffield City Council and Co-Founder of dotSHF

“This would be an amazing opportunity to put both areas on the map both nationally and internationally as technical and digital hotbeds.”

Professor Martin Mayfield, Director of Urban Flows Observatory, University of Sheffield

“It will help us to create a digitally decentralised energy grid, it will help us to optimize flows of people and resources across the city, also importantly help us reduce our impact on the planet.” 

Dr Sam Chapman, The Floow, Chief Innovation Officer, Co-Founder and Director

“To make sure the 5G project is a success in Sheffield it is essential that all businesses and all individuals get behind us to bring the future here, before anywhere else.”

Dr Sarah Want, Director Partnerships and Regional Engagement, University of Sheffield

“The University is committed too working closely with the city council to ensure that not only we engage our estate in rolling out the infrastructure but also we fully use our research capabilities in improving business productivity and improving health outcomes for the region.”  

John Mothersole, Chief Executive, Sheffield City Council

“We have, in Sheffield, one of the fastest growing digital clusters according to the Tech Report, outside London. We’ve got an advanced manufacturing innovation district that will become the largest of its kind in Europe. 5G will help us get there bigger and faster.” 

Professor Rab Scott, AMRC Head of Digital, University of Sheffield

“We need good connectivity, better connectivity than we have today. That is why we are supporting the 5G bid”

Sharon Kemp, Chief Executive, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

“The 5G bid would be real a game changer for Rotherham and Sheffield. It would really help us build on our ambitions.”

Simon Ince, Sky Betting and Gaming, Director of Core and International Technology

“We believe that Sheffield being a 5G would help attract other employers to drive the digital economy and in turn a larger pool of employees with the right skills that could help us grow.”

Dan Jarvis, Mayor, Sheffield City Region

“Our region is an area of global innovation, we are doing a huge amount of work to attract investment from around the world and that’s going create a very highly skilled economy and I’m very excited about that.” 

Cllr Olivia Blake, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Lead for Digital, Sheffield City Council

“The bid that we are putting together for 5G across Sheffield and Rotherham is a huge opportunity. Whether that’s about connectivity or challenges we are facing as a city and how we overcome them.”

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